About us

More than 20 years ago, several men began to meet on a weekly basis in Northern Maine. These men had three things in common: they were law enforcement officers, they shared a love for God, and they desired to know Him better.  As these men confronted the many challenges facing law enforcement officers, their goal was to better put their faith in action in their day to day lives while encouraging each other to grow in their faith.

kickballToday that group is known as CLEO (Christian Law Enforcement Officers). These officers and their families gather yearly to attend a retreat in Northern Maine for a weekend of fellowship, teaching, and spiritual refreshment while maintaining relationships throughout the year.

NH crewDuring the past several years, a growing number of law enforcement officers and their families from the Granite State began to attend. Over time, a sense of calling emerged within the group; a calling to bring this opportunity to the law enforcement community and their families here in New Hampshire.

In October 24, 2015, this vision will become a reality as we plan to meet for the first time as CLEO-NH. We invite all (current and retired) law enforcement officers and their families to join us for our kickoff event. There will be more information to follow.