We believe all authority comes from God, as such, we acknowledge, understand, and submit to His authority. We believe God, by design, stands ready to equip, encourage, and exalt the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER to administer His authority.   We believe the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER cannot fully understand the depths, or the significance, of God’s authority unless he or she submits to it first.

We believe that, when the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER has a right relationship with our heavenly Father, he or she will serve with the divine courage of a lion, and the heart of a lamb. In serving the community with integrity, justice, and grace in the administration of His authority, God is glorified.

CLEO-NH exists to bring Glory to God. We lay down our lives. We are called to encourage and equip our fellow brothers and sisters in law enforcement to this courageous and sacrificial way of living.

CLEO-NH exists to support the men and women in Law Enforcement. We believe every LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER is ordained by God to protect and serve the people of New Hampshire. Our support can, and shall, be expressed in practical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and educational ways.

Cleo-NH exists to help every LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER achieve his or her calling with courage and integrity. We believe every LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER will give an account for this calling ordained by God.

CLEO-NH exists to support the families of the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. We believe the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER’s family lives with constant pressure of this divine calling. We exist to help these family members understand this calling so that they may encourage, support, and honor their loved ones.